Miss Rose (Taiwanese Drama)


So…I’m currently watching this Taiwanese drama called “Miss Rose”…that is, I’m totally stuck on episode 18 of 23. It’s not because I’m confused or whatever, but…it’s because the drama has gotten so boring that I don’t want to watch anymore.

This is where the problem comes in: I have this thing about finishing whatever I start (Dramas, songs, dances, etc.), so I can’t just leave it. But the plot has gotten pretty slow and I have no emotional investment so I don’t really care what happens to the characters anymore.

This was really cute, funny and entertaining at first, and I thought it would be a really good drama…but, like with most dramas that start off strong, they’re usually a let-down by the end. I found the idea of the drama cute and the chemistry between the two characters is pretty good (And, for once, I don’t have that annoying second-male lead syndrome…I actually sort of hate the second male lead)…it’s just the writers, dragging the plot on.

Well…I guess I’ll just finish this one off (I’ve been saying this for a month now). Luckily, I have “A Hundred Year Legacy” to keep me entertained, too (It’s on TV once a week…the two leads are just adorable together! Also no second-male lead syndrome…enjoying my break from that! Strangely enough, I dislike most of the characters, but still enjoy the drama, and I am totally rooting for the main couple…but that’s another story entirely).

Funny side note: This drama has been classified as a Korean Drama on some websites, which I don’t understand because it’s in Taiwanese and shot in Taiwan with Taiwanese actors/actresses…


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