Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


In case you haven’t noticed…yes, I do have a fondness for Snoopy. But he’s just so adorable…

Hey guys! I hope you’re all having a great Thanksgiving…I just wanted to wish you a happy Thanksgiving, and share this short little list of things I’m thankful for with you guys. Cue the sappiness!

1) My family, who’s always been there for me, taught me so much and has done so much for me…obviously, I wouldn’t be here today without them. But I know they’ll continue to be there for me, and I for them.

2) My friends, who understand and accept my craziness and all the different sides of me, including all of the ugly and terrible and shameful ones. I don’t know what I’d do with them…who else would listen to me rant about people and things for 3 hours, and actually join me?

3) My dance crew, who has become another family of sorts for me…thanks to them, I’ve changed so much (For the better) and have grown so much as a dancer. They were there for me even when I was a beginner who couldn’t tell my left foot from my right and I’ll never forget that.

4) All of you guys, for reading my blog despite all of the strange and random things that I post…and for those of you who read my reviews, as well! I honestly started blogging without having the faintest idea what I wanted to focus on, and I’m so glad I’ve finally figured it out…and even have readers who’ll stop by and read the nonsense I spout on an almost daily basis.

There is so much more I could say and so many more people, and things, that I’m thankful for, but I think I’ll leave it at that. I did say this was going to be short…I suppose this could be considered short compared to some of my other posts.

Anyways, thanks again for stopping by and I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving!


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