Just 3 More Weeks To Go!


3 weeks until what, you ask? Why…Halloween, of course!

I love a good holiday, and Halloween is definitely a fun time of year (At least, for me it is). Now, I don’t like horror movies or that kind of thing, so I guess it’s strange that I like Halloween since it’s supposed to be such a creepy time of year.

But I love pretty much all holidays, so…there you go.

I remember being so excited for trick-or-treating when I was young, and I dressed up even when I was a little older…even though I only hand out candy now (Too old to go trick-or-treating…), I still really enjoy it. I don’t really do costumes anymore, but I still dress up a little. Do my nails to match the Halloween spirit and I love seeing the different costumes of the kids in my neighbourhood.

So, with only 3 weeks to go, it’s time to start planning a nail art design and going out to look for some candy (Or should I hand out chips this year?)!


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