Mini-Rant: No Smoking Signs


No-smoking signs…you’ve probably seen at least one of these somewhere. It’s probably more likely you’ve seen a million of these hard to miss, bright red signs. They’re supposed to prevent people from smoking in places where it might bother others…mostly really public places, like mall entrances, school, government institutions, etc.

The sad reality: People are always ignoring them. I see people smoking around them constantly, sometimes even right in front of them.

Do you people not see the signs? Or do you really just not care? These people should really show some respect for others.

I have a friend who has mild asthma and the smoke from cigarettes bother her a lot…if there’s a lot of it, she starts coughing and such. One day, we were at school and were waiting for one of our other friends and sat down on the bench. We sat right in front of the area with the ‘No Smoking’ sign and then, along comes this guy…who just starts smoking, pretty much right beside the sign.

We ended up moving because she was too close to the smoke…hello, do you not see the girl coughing while running in the opposite direction?

Apparently not, because he just keeps blowing smoke.

Well, okay.

I might not start coughing, but I don’t like being surrounded by clouds of smoke, thank you very much. If you want to smoke, that’s your choice and I’m not going to say anything about that, but at least do it somewhere where you’re actually allowed to. Not in front of the mall doors when there are signs that specifically say “No smoking within 10 metres of this building”.

The signs are there for a reason, people…let’s show a little respect, alright?


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