Min-Rant: Pedestrian Right of Way


Anyone experience one of those moments that just make you think, “What the heck happened to the whole ‘pedestrian right of way’, thing, huh?”

I just had one of those today. Let me tell you about this unpleasant experience:

I was crossing the sidewalk at an intersection with my mom (It was still on the walk signal) when, halfway across, some crazy idiot turns and doesn’t stop. Not only that, he stuck his head out the window long enough to point at the sidewalk behind us and yells for us to get out of the way. Excuse me, sir, but…WHAT? If he wasn’t in a car and I didn’t almost die…I would’ve totally argued with him.

This was only one of who knows how many times this kind of thing has happened…people almost mowing me down with their cars, speeding by when they see I’m about to cross and driving by so close that a few steps slower and I would be dead.

Honestly…I cannot be the only the only one who’s experienced this. Yeah, people are in a rush sometimes and don’t see you and whatnot, but let’s try not to kill any pedestrians, alright?



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