Technology Problems_Computer_Keyboard_Argh

Somebody really should make a keyboard like this sometime…even if the button did pretty much absolutely nothing, it might still be a nice stress reliever or something. But this is basically how I feel at least half the time when it comes to technology…

Alright, so there seems to be a slight problem (Or maybe I’m doing something wrong, as usual) with the headers on this site. If you’re looking at the home page or just at a post, you get the typical block of colour as the header. However, if you click on a category, then you get what I originally intended for this blog (Headers that change).

I can’t figure out why this is or why it’s happening, but since it’s not really doing anything but being sort of annoying, I’ve decided to simply leave it for now.

Just thought I’d let you guys know…so that you won’t be too taken aback when, all of a sudden, the header changes to clouds and then right back to blue when you click on a post (“What the heck?”, right?).

I am also aware that, since the text is black and so are some of the header images, it makes the descriptions a little difficult to read. I also can’t seem to figure out how to change the colour of the text, but I promise I’ll keep that in mind in the future when I add images as headers!

Anyways, thanks for stopping by…enjoy browsing around! This is a new blog, so there isn’t much right now, but I’ll be posting more in the future, so make sure to check back if you see anything you like (Or, even better, comment, too!)~


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