Publishing Issues….


This is pretty much my current emotional state…if I were an anime character and could actually have a visible sweat drop the size of half my hand running down my bangs, then this is probably what I would look like.

Oh WordPress, you never fail to keep me on my toes, do you?

Anyhow, for anyone following my blog (Thanks, by the way!), you might get notifications for new posts and then come here and discover that there are none…but you clearly got a notification, so what in the world is happening?

Well, allow me to explain…

As part of getting this blog up and running, I’ve been writing a few posts (But not posting anything…yet) for 2 reasons:

1) To sort of get a feel for what I should/will be making posts about, and how often

2) So that this blog won’t be practically empty when people stop by, once I officially get things together

Anyhow, WordPress seems to be doing this weird thing where, even though I change the status to “Draft”, it automatically changes it to “Publish Immediately” when I press save…? Odd, but it’s not the first times I’ve had problems with WordPress. It only occurs sometimes, though, which is really weird.

I hope this explains things, though. Don’t worry, there will be posts on this blog soon! (I hope the draft to publish thing stops happening soon, though…)


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